Movie Madness: Horror and Hollywood Hit SF’s Theaters


Abstain from obsessively renumbering that Netflix queue—Weeds Season 3 still has a “short wait.” This week and next it is all about getting out to the movies. Putting Sex and the City and Ironman aside, let’s talk festivals—’cause let’s face it: SF loves it some festivals.

This week Another Hole in the Head (June 5-25) sets up shop, and they’ve even scared up a last minute screening to cap things off: the West Coast premiere of FX master Yoshihiro Nishimura’s Tokyo Gore Police. Rumored to be “the one to catch” for anyone who relishes a weird science plot line, the film features jaw-dropping stunt work, a “let’s avenge our fathers’ deaths” theme and the obligatory human mutation threat caused by a runaway virus and a scientist who’s gone off the rails.

In other cinematic news, the SF Black Film Festival also opens this week, tonight in fact (June 4–15), with one particularly eye-catching short film on the schedule: Larry (the actor), from buzz-worthy Boston filmmaking duo Eric Poydar and Brett Portanova. Dubbed a “mofaux documentary,” the well-reviewed film offers a focused character study of a struggling black actor, compellingly embodied by the late Lionel Mark Smith, who finds himself at a crossroads following an audition that may or may not send him packing from Hollywood. The unorthodox, monologue-as-movie approach may just establish Poydar and Portanova as the next Damon and Affleck.

Need I say more? Let’s all go to the movies.
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