Muckraker Kirby Dick Outs DC Muckety Mucks


In his new film “Outrage,” filmmaker Kirby Dick outs hypocrites. They’re gay, they’re closeted, they’re big political muckety-mucks, too, but Dick is exposing their hypocrisies. The documentary, which opens on Friday and just premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, focuses in on politicians who legislate against gays by day… and sleep with them by night. (or in the case of Larry Craig, during lay-overs.)

Even as it opens with the audio hilarity of Larry Craig’s responses to a police interrogation (Craig to cop: “Did our feet bump? I think they did… I’m a fairly wide guy”), “Outrage” offers a behind the tabloids delve into the nature and the culture of the closet -- for beltway politicians and for the mainstream media who don’t report on it.

Kirby Dick took on Hollywood, specifically the MPAA ratings board, its biases and double-standards, in “This Film is Not Yet Rated.” Here, he takes on Washington.

While the film tattles on Idaho Senator Larry Craig, Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Congressman Ed Schrock, former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, congressman David Dreier and others, it doesn’t focus a whole lot on Mark Foley (he of the tawdry IMs to strapping congressional pages) because Foley was actually pretty good for the gays. Dick really wants to focus on the men (the film offers up no closeted lesbians) who have advanced their careers feeding the right wing red meat and legislated intolerance.

Like Congressman Ed Schrock (R-VA) who co-sponsored the Federal Marriage Amendment. He resigned after his sleazy phone calls to a gay men’s phone message service were exposed.

The movie digs back to decades-old allegations about congressmen’s double lives – local newspapers made allegations about Craig in the early 80s. In the film, old rumors about New York’s mayor Ed Koch are confirmed. But even more interesting are the new stories – the cathartic confessions of former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey, who speaks of the difficulty of the life in the closet, and, the repeated denials of Florida Governor Charlie Crist. Crist got conveniently married just in time to (fingers crossed!) get picked as McCain’s running mate. (Dang that.)

He’s been strategically engaged before. Asked about his sexuality, one former girlfriend said of Crist (who’s considered a top contender for GOP nomination in 2012) "I think I'll just keep my mouth me in 10 years and I'll tell you a story."

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