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From The Cradle: Bay Area Women’s Vocal Group Kitka Brave The Darkness

The continuing woes in the music industry call for alternate career paths for versatile, intrepid musical types: witness the forays into children’s music by alt-rockers like Warren Zanes, They Might Be Giants, and the Bay’s own Sippy Cups. That turn toward home, hearth, and child-rearing takes a darker -- and reverently beautiful -- turn with the release of longtime Bay Area women’s vocal ensemble Kitka’s new Cradle Songs (Diaphonica). Bishop Allen Play Rickshaw Stop

Has a band ever dared to be as cute and cuddly as Brooklyn’s Bishop Allen? And who can resist a clutch of brainy indie rockers with such a light touch, such a likable sense of humor? You get a good dose of Bishop Allen’s whimsy on this year’s Dead Oceans release, Grrr..., and you wouldn’t be out of line to expect more when the combo appears tonight, Nov. 9, at Rickshaw Stop.

Pixies at The Fox: Pretty Much The Holy Grail of Shows

The Pixies opened up their first of a three-night stint at The Fox with (not surprisingly) the infamous video that "Debaser" was based off of called Un Chien Andalou - it entails a woman's eye being slit open by a razor among other adult themes (when the directors are Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali you can't really be that shocked). After a grand entrance involving what can only be described as light up crepe balls on hydraulics and a heavy smoke machine, the opening song was really the shocker. Having "Dancing The Manta Ray" as the first in the set list really set the tone for the entire show.

Royal Flush: The Dutchess And Duke Play Bottom Of The Hill

Seattle’s Dutchess and the Duke have a knack for throwing you for a loop: Jesse Lortz and Kimberly Morrison’s 2008 debut, She’s the Dutchess, He’s the Duke (Hardly Art), found new ways into seemingly played-out formulas -- namely an early electrified folk sound familiar to fans of Dylan’s Bring It All Back Home -- and the two’s new full-length, Sunset/Sunrise (Hardly Art), goes one better. The storytelling is sharp and surprising. The pop referents hark to the sweetly tough innocence of the Ronettes, as well as the earnest yarn-spinning skills of Phil Ochs. However you shuffle it, Sunset/Sunrise is a delight. 

Fly With The Raveonettes at Bimbo's Tonight

Let the dreamtime vocals and metallic synths wash over you. Wallow in Ray Orbison romanticism and Link Wray guitar-tough cool. NYC-by-way-of-Copenhagen duo the Raveonettes have strayed a bit as of late, away from the eerily claustrophic shoegaze bubblegum of the Jesus and Mary Chain, though the psychotic melodies remain on the twosome’s latest, In and Out of Control (Vice).

We caught up with Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner via e-mail on the cusp of their SF show Monday, Nov. 9, at Bimbo’s 365 Club.

Birds & Batteries: Ticket Giveaway and a Sneak Peek at Up To No Good

To those of you who have been keeping up on the phenomenally aggressive music scene we have here in the Bay Area, you're well acquainted with indie-pop meets country locals, Birds & Batteries. They first popped up on our radar when we featured them in our 2008 Hot 20 Under 40. Even then, we just knew they were going places. They've kept rather quiet since their last release, I'll Never Sleep Again in 2007, but there's nothing silent at all about their latest EP Up To No Good.

Where is Your Mind? The Pixies Perform Doolittle at The Fox

The Pixies are largely considered one of the most influential bands in indie history. Their long and turbulent ride as a band ended abruptly (although not surprisingly) in 1993 and remained on hiatus until 2004. Celebrating the 20-year anniversary of their iconic release, Doolittle, this weekend, they've decided to play it in its entirety not one, not two, but three straight nights at the equally-beloved venue in Oakland, The Fox.

Listen Up - A Huge Week In Music: Birds & Batteries, Pixies, Tempo No Tempo and Many More

From old nostalgic favorites to up-and-coming locals brandishing fresh material, and famous singers fronting other collectives, all we know is that by the end of this week our wallets will be drowning in emptiness and we'll need at least another week to recover. You know that old saying, "You can sleep when you're dead?" We'll be utilizing this theme to power through this thoroughly heargasmic week ahead of us.

Magical Mum: The Icelandic Band Is So Weirdly Beautiful To Us

Ah, Iceland, with its bubbling volcanic action, pervasive fairy magic, and recent unfortunate financial meltdown. Such a small, sweet, chilly country – and yet it boasts such a seethingly creative music scene, one that encompasses both Bjork to Sigur Ros, both haunting traditional folk song and light-as-air indie-pop in the form of Emiliana Torrini.

Jordan Catalano, Vampire Weekend, Muse to Play Live 105's NSSN 2009

Not So Silent Night, the annual holiday concert brought to you by the golden ears at Live 105 is a gift you don't have to feel guilty opening early. This year's extravaganza at the Oracle Arena on December 11th features Muse (England's reigning prog rock champs), AFI (get out the mascara), 30 Seconds to Mars (Jordan Catalano's–err Jared Leto's–emo rock band), Ivy League hipsters Vampire Weekend, and Canada's Metric, fronted by the smoking hot Emily Haines.


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