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Treasure Island Video: Passion Pit

Playing to a jovial sea of gyrating neon, Passion Pit brought the happy this afternoon to the Treasure Island Music Festival with their pitch-perfect (high-pitched, that is) brand of electopop.  The group, who hails from Massachusetts, was one of the most hotly anticipated acts of the festival and set a celebratory tone for the weekend with favorites like “The Reeling” and “Sleepyhead.”

Check out the opening of their set below, as well as some inspired dance moves from some chicks at stage right.

The Headbands of the Treasure Island Music Festival

Headbands of the Treasure Island Music Festival, a photo diary from Saturday.

Cool Rules: Why? Plunges Into ‘Eskimo Snow’

Why?’s Yoni Wolf is something of a pocket indie-rock/hip-hop genius, positioned right in our East Bay backyard, hidden in plain sight. You might spy him jogging around Oakland’s Piedmont neighborhood or washing up at choice underground shows at 21 Grand. And otherwise you can catch him all over the new Why? disc, Eskimo Snow (Anticon), or live at Great American Music Hall Oct. 17 with a new five-piece lineup including Andrew Broder and Mark Erickson of the Fog.

Treasure Island Sells Out Saturday: What Bad Economy?

Craigslist is blowing up! The Treasure Island Music Festival, one of the most hotly anticipated music bonanzas of the year, has sold out for Saturday (tickets are going for $100 or more on Craigslist).  It's one of the only festivals to sell out this year, proving that people will still pay top dollar for an AMAZING lineup. Do you think Saturday's lineup is better than Sunday's?

T.I. Exclusive: We Get Down with Thao

San Francisco transplant Thao Nguyen and her band, The Get Down Stay Down, bring to the SF music scene fun, energy, and pure unadulterated joy. With their latest album coming out next week, Know Better Learn Faster, Thao and the band is poised to play the Treasure Island Music Festival on Sunday afternoon. Thao took some time to talk to 7x7 about the upcoming album and her love of making music.

7x7: When we spoke earlier this year, you were getting ready to headline Noise Pop. Now you're about to play Treasure Island. How have things changed for you and the band over the last 10 months?

T.I. Exclusive: Passion Pit on Mixtapes and The Flaming Lips

It’s the classic ironic band-starting story. Boy makes mixtape for girl. Somehow it gets spread virally, blows up, and voila! Our favorite Cambridge-based indie electronica group is born. Meet Passion Pit. Just a bunch of friendly Massachusetts romantics with some serious musical talent and an ear for what we’re pining to hear, not to mention shake our rumps to. Playing alongside some heavy hitters on Saturday (MGMT, MSTR KRFT, Girl Talk, Brazilian Girls, The Streets) at the Treasure Island Music Festival, Nate Donmoyer, the drummer, took some time out to chat with us for a couple minutes about life, love, and live sound.

7x7: First of all, is Michael [Angelakos] still with the girl he wrote Chunk of Change for?

The Top 10 Not-To-Miss Sets at the Treasure Island Music Festival

Ok so the good news (besides the optimisitc weather forecast this weekend) is that there are absolutely no overlapping set times for Treasure Island Festival. But as we praise the festival gods for this overwhelming luck, we also realize that all of you will most likely not see every single act on Saturday and Sunday. For those planning their weekend beer-break schedule, here’s our handy countdown (from our #10 pick to our #1 pick) of bands not to miss.

Video Premiere: Headlights' "Get Going"

Shot in just two days, the video for Headlights' "Get Going" reflects the darker shades of the band's latest album, Wildlife, which is a pretty big departure for the indie pop quartet. Hailing from Polyvinyl Records' headquarters of Champaign, Illinois, this impressive group of talented musicians was formed in the wake of the then-dying indie band, Absinthe Blind. The project we now know as Headlights has transformed over the years into an indie pop band with many moods. Their latest, a haunted, spooky feeling of loss and despair, is rather touching. So without further adieu, we bring you their latest video premiere.  It's hopefully just one of many stunning videos to come from Headlights.

Sea, Hear: Beach House At Bottom Of The Hill

What has been washing up on Beach House’s shores? Plans for a new baby, according to the band grapevine, as well as a bouncing new album. Duo Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have been working on the latter this year in upstate New York at Dreamland Studios, a church-turned-recoding-studio, alongside producer-engineer Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, !!!).

After the rapturous reception that accompanied the pair’s second long-player, **Devotion** (Carpark), one can easily accept the word from Seattle -- home of Beach House’s new label, Sub Pop -- that the twosome’s third full-length is going to be a beaut.

Listen Up: Pretty Lights, Brother Ali, Gogol Bordello Do It Big

As we gear up for the insanity that is Treasure Island Festival this weekend, we can't help but still be excited about all the incredible shows stopping by before and after. Remember, this is a marathon not a sprint, so warm yourself up with these hot shows this week.

Junior Boys, Mezzanine, 10/13: Electropop Canadian cuties bring their spunk and originality to the dance floor at Mezzanine. Be prepared to move for the entire duration of the show.

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