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We Are Scientists to Christen BarrelHouse

SF ad agencies.  They have the foosball tables, the Mad Men cache, and enough obscure music on their shared drives to bring down itunes.  Now one of them is getting its own private event space, and is debuting it tonight with a show featuring Brooklyn indie-rockers We Are Scientists.  Startup firm Pereira & O'Dell's BarrelHouse brings some much-needed competition to the art gallery/live performance 111 Minna scene.  There's a wood bar, some stained glass accents and if they keep bringing in acts like We Are Scientists, a serious musical draw.  

80 Tehama St @ 2nd St

Hercules & Love Affair Talks Polar Bears, Obama and the YBCA Artists Ball

Critically acclaimed beatmaker revolutionaries Hercules & Love Affair, who’ve been heralded as  “a compelling new voice in American dance music,” are set to play this Friday at the YBCA Artists Ball.  We caught up with the now local Hercules lead Andy Butler, who shared his thoughts on Obama, costumes and San Francisco.  

What brought you out West?

More Photos from Treasure Island

Day 2

Check out photos from Day 1 and videos from the festival

More Photos From Treasure Island

Day 1

Check out photos from Day 2 and videos from the festival.

Video: Raconteurs Rock Treasure Island

The Treasure Island Music Festival featured some of the best talent on the planet, but headliners, the Raconteurs, blew things out of the water. If you heard them from across the Bay (which was very possible, given the decibel level), you were lucky - they absolutely rocked it. With truly astonishing musicianship, Jack White, Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler rocked through "Rich Kid Blues," "Hold Up," "Steady as She Goes" and "Broken Boy Soldier." General reaction? Holy S---. Check out "Level" below.

Video: Fleet Foxes at Treasure Island

When Robin Pecknold of the Fleet Foxes starts singing, you feel like the only appropriate place to be is atop of some mountain in the Alps. Their Treasure Island performance, like most of their shows, was a meditative experience - enhanced by the absolute silence from the crowd, the breeze blowing off the Bay and as drummer J. Tillman put it, "the purple mountains of majesty" in the background (which would be Marin Headlines, just to the right of the Golden Gate Bridge). Though they're more suited for smaller, enclosed venues where their impressive vocals can carry, the Fleet Foxes entranced the crowd with songs from their self-titled debut and their Sun Giant EP.

Treasure Island Music Festival: Vampire Weekend

College campus favorites Vampire Weekend got things bopping yesterday at the Treasure Island Music festival, treating the crowd with favorites from this year's acclaimed, self-titled release as well as some new material. Check out "Campus" below.

Port O'Brien at the Treasure Island Music Festival

The nautical backdrop was appropriate for Bay Area locals Port O'Brien, who split their time between Oakland and commercial fishing boats in Kodiak, Alaska. The band lived up to its comparisons to Arcade Fire, playing "I Woke Up Today" with a similar vocal exuberance. Check out the beginning of their set below.

Justice Electrifies Treasure Island

It would not be an exaggeration to say that there was not a soul standing stationary on Treasure Island during the Justice performance.  From behind their signature glowing cross, the headlining French electronic duo gave the crowd just what they crossed the bridge for - an all-out dance party that for some, seemed to border on a religious experience.   If you weren't D.A.N.C.E-ing, it was forced upon you by your jumping/girating  neighbors - listening to their swelling, layered beats was like taking the coolest spaceship ever.  Over and over again.  "We Are Your Friends," got the crowd into a chanting frenzy, which was halted abruptly when Xavier De Rosnay walked in front of the set and robotically flicked his cigarette across the stage.  He stood frozen and silent for a good

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