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Hot and Bothered

My name is Melissa and I’m a Hot Chip-aholic. Like most addictions, it started as a casual thing: “Hey, that Coming On Strong album isn’t bad at all. In fact, it’s pretty genius. And that new single on The Warning—‘Over and Over’ is pretty catchy. Maybe let’s play it again, you know, like the songs says? (Cue nervous giggling).” The Warning indeed: Because after I saw the electro-pop band perform last year at the Independent and then at Lollapalooza, and then again at Mezzanine, I found I was only hungry for more. I never tired of debating with my fellow fans (let’s call them Ted, Paige and Peter) about which songs were our favorites (currently “Keep Fallin’” is holding strong for me, but I’ve got big hopes for yet-to-be-released “Shake A Fist”). I could discuss at length which Hot Chip member has the best dance moves (Owen Clarke and his synthesizer aerobics without question—though vocalist Alexis Taylor nails the witty banter like nobody’s business.) And no, I see no sign of recovery. Because while other people have moved on with their lives, compiling “On the Go” iPod playlists devoid of any songs (or even remixes!) by the Chip, I continue to come back. Like cereal, no matter how many tastes I get, I’m never satiated. So for those of you out there who share my affliction—or those who are just “social” Hot Chip enthusiasts—I’d like to cordially invite you to meet me for a fix at the Fillmore on June 12.