Muslim Culture Unveiled at Brava Theater Center


One of the top subjects labeled “Misunderstood by Americans” is Muslim culture. Even less understood is the role of women in that culture. Using the voices of five Muslim women in the western world post-9/11, playwright Rohina Malik peels away the layers of contention in her one-woman show going up at Brava this month.  

A character named Inez tells us, “I can still hear my grandmother's advice, 'Inez, you better learn to be tough, because you were born with two strikes against you, you're black, and you're female.' When I turned twenty-one I told my grandmother about my conversion to Islam, she just rolled her eyes and said, 'Strike Three.'" Shabana says, "Look at any icon of Mary and her hair is covered. And the world is fine with that, but a Muslim woman, she's oppressed. The girl goes, "But nuns wear it for God." Who do you think I wear it for, the bloody Queen of England?!"

Unveiled premiered at Chicago’s 16th Street Theater to sold-out houses. Now Brava Theater presents the regional premiere of this comic and eye-opening production, proof that Muslim culture is as devoted to love and life as any other, no matter what its women stick on their heads. 

September 7-17. Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th Street. Tickets are $10-25 at 

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