My Bad


Apologies to everyone for the blog back-up but my CEO and Supervising Blog Coordinator, the talented Ned "Le Freak" Clarke, had some mishaps and was not here for the past two weeks to aid me in my quest to bring you superior and informative blogage. He informed me that he contracted the "Noro Virus" from accidentally ingesting a chicken wing that he found underneath an old mattress in a Vietnamese massage parlor, causing him to be bedridden for 10 days. Wow.

At any rate, when Ned came into the studio last Monday all shaky and feverish, I asked him straight up what would make him feel better. He told me that only two things could possibly cure what ails him: digging for antique bottles at the local dump OR getting wasted with a bunch of chicks. Lucky for him, the Santa Rosa Beer Festival is taking place tonight and we'll both be there. (Who says I don't show my friends a good time?)

So, all you chicks planning on attending the festival, just remember that the Noro Virus is highly contagious and is transmitted especially through saliva, so if you're planning on making out with Ned, I would strongly advise that you make out with me instead. See you there.

Ok, 2 more quick things, and then I'm outie: If you want some artistic excitement, I strongly recommend you go to the Tattoo Expo, which is being held this Saturday at the Cow Palace. I can promise you that it will be the most visually interesting thing that you've seen all month (except for my sexy Persian face of course). Also, make sure to check out next week's blog in which I will review the new Tarantino film Grindhouse. Oh yeah! 

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