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A group of us ventured to Marin on Saturday to go trail running at Fort Cronkhite, and—after an hour-long Spinning class and a grueling seven-plus-mile run (more than half of it UPHILL)—we ended up at Fish. Even though the line was 30-deep when we arrived and the 20-some picnic tables outside were packed, we persevered so as to taste the creations of chef-owner Chad Callahan (formerly at Masa’s). I wish I had my camera to record our gluttonous meal, but I had no idea that we’d end up eating so well.

It wasn’t cheap—think $20 and up for most orders—and it’s cash-only, but the marina views, sunshine and local, line-caught fish made up for those inconveniences. More than a hundred dollars later, the four of us had a feast—BBQ oysters, white anchovy bruschetta, tilapia over pasta, tilapia over salad, a crab roll with fries and the Saigon salmon sandwich.

Not the salmon at Fish. but these look good, too.

I love eating wild salmon in almost any form—it’s my favorite way to get those heart-healthy omega-3s—but grilled, fleshy-yet-firm, marinated local King salmon snug in a fresh Acme torpedo roll with carrots, cilantro, jalapeño and housemade Vietnamese ginger-scallion spicy sauce is my current pick (well worth the $21 price tag). The textures ran from the crunchy carrot to the chewy roll to the crisp-on-the-outside fish; and the marinade along with the ginger-scallion sauce provided a formidable kick, while the cilantro worked as a mouth freshener.

Not everybody is crazy for salmon, gets to Sausalito often or can afford a $21 sandwich, so I recommend the five-spiced chicken sandwich at Out the Door in the Westfield (and coming this fall on Bush at Fillmore). It’s a mighty good chicken version of the Saigon salmon sandwich—albeit smaller, it’s less expensive, and you can charge it.

Leaving the parking lot, we passed a fisherman lugging a gigantic fish. He told us he spent 30 minutes reeling in this 22-lb. salmon—now that’s what I call fresh and local!

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