Naked Pillow Fights?


Oprah mentioned’s report that “San Francisco is the number one place in which to be single.” I talked about it in my "Singles Beget Singles" blog entry.

But now many locals are up in arms.

It appears that San Franciscans are super comfy in their “this is the worst town to date in” skin. Feel free to complain. I never judge. But if you’re in the mood to stop talking about your so-called dry spell and jumpstart your sex life, read on.

To meet women:
Try an Appel & Frank trunk show. Where else can you find 700 women in orgasmic shopping bliss?

Appel & Frank shopping event

Well, maybe Union Square, but the women are way too dispersed, and they probably aren’t sipping Champagne, mingling with cool designers and trying on everything from lingerie to faux fur dish mitts.

“It’s like one huge pillow fight, and all the girls are skipping around half naked … just kidding,” joked Karen Appel, cofounder of the successful trunk shows. “It’s pretty much a shopping frenzy, and women are cruising with cocktails in one hand and shopping bags in the other.”

I was surprised men hadn’t figured this out. “We’re shocked too that there aren’t more men who attend, because there are hundreds of hot women all under one roof,” laughed cofounder Jody Frank.

Perhaps guys feel likes it’s too obvious—is this just a restraining order away from lurking outside a women’s bathroom? But Appel and Frank assured me, “We always have really cool and unique items for men, such as wallets, Ts, hoodies, cufflinks and boxers. The men who do stop by do just fine.”

Check it out this Thursday night, Sept 27, 5 - 9:30 p.m. at The Regency Center.

To meet men:
Try everywhere. OK, I’ll narrow it down: Go outside.

I often hear this from women: “It was so strange; I was reading in Dolores Park/walking to the bank/taking my dog for a walk/getting coffee in my neighborhood, and I met this guy …”

Getting out is a much better option than hitting the bar scene, wouldn’t you agree? It sure beats the “it’s so obvious we're all here to get laid” vibe. Plus, you can still get your errands done.

Doesn’t sound too bad to me. … But hey, it’s your (single) life.


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