Napa Valley Winery Helps Identify Your Wine Personality


You know you like your coffee black, your towels soft, your Thai food extra spicy. You’re a person with particular taste and strong preferences. So why is it so hard to find a wine you really truly love? Swanson Vineyards in Napa Valley says forget about the wine; let’s talk about you.  

Vinotype is a quiz that was developed by Master of Wine Tim Hanni as a way to help every person find a wine that is right for them—rather than relying on scores and ratings that are based on just one person’s palate (probably not yours). By asking very specific non-wine related questions about taste preferences and personality traits, Hanni believes that regardless of how many wine blogs you read or how many tasting groups you attend, you can and should feel empowered to take on even the heftiest of winelists without being overwhelmed. Do you cut the tags out of your clothing and can you identify Chanel No. 5 from across a crowded room? You are probably a Hyper-Sensitive Vinotype, which means you might enjoy a dry aromatic riesling or a vibrant sauvignon blanc.

At Swanson’s Sip Shoppe in Rutherford, you can now take the Vinotype quiz and then immediately taste wines that are recommended just for you — which is important in case you want to change your Vinotype, which, unlike your actual personality, is easy to do. Someone who likes salty food and has a very organized sock drawer may enjoy everything from chardonnay to the sangiovese, while someone who loves a good margarita and won’t settle for less than Egyptian cotton bed sheets may prefer the Crepuscule, a late harvest Semillon or the Angelica (paired, of course with the sweet and savory Clarke’s Bark). At the very least, “It’s a discussion; a starting point,” says Swanson’s Chris Cutler. And if it makes you think differently about wine — and maybe even yourself — it could just be onto something.

The Sip Shoppe is open Thursday through Monday, 11 am to 4 pm.
Swanson’s Vinotype quiz can also be taken online at

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