New and Stunning: Gold and Citrus Jewelry


Sara Rossbach may be serious about luxury, but she doesn’t want wearers of Gold and Citrus, the luxe jewelry line she launched last week with Richard Combs, to feel that way when they don pieces from the collection of 11 necklaces and a double-chain gold headpiece.

“Often if jewelry is luxurious, it is very serious, and I think what we’re doing with this jewelry is creating jewelry that is luxurious, but fun and playful,” says Rossbach, a product designer who relocated to San Francisco from the East Coast last October.

Rossbach and Combs, both local artists, collaborate on the overall design behind each piece. Rossbach then constructs each by hand. Gold forms the focal point of the debut collection, which features signature circular tags stamped with a citrus fruit.

“When we started out, what we had in mind was gold. They all incorporate gold in some way, but each one becomes its own unique piece with an unexpected material,” Rossbach tells us.

Several pieces can be worn different ways. Wear the slender gold- and white-beaded Kumquat or the slinky, fringed Clementine loosely tied around the neck, wrapped choker-style or draped, scarf-like over the shoulders.

Others incorporate unusual materials such as the antique wood-grained sequins imported from France on the statement-making Mandarin and the hand-sewn, satin-backed zippers adorning the pearl-accented Pummelo.

Expect more designs to hit the designers’ online shop this fall. In the meantime, keep up with the designers by following them on Twitter and reading the latest on their blog.

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