New Site Helps You Track Down Your Stolen Bike


There’s nothing worse than coming out of a restaurant or shop and walking toward the bike rack or parking meter where you left your shiny, beloved bike and seeing the spot empty. Bike theft is heartbreaking. And frankly, way too common.

But thanks to the fine and geeky folks at San Francisco-based Pricenomics, you don’t have to spend your days obsessively searching every Craigslist in the Bay Area looking for your precious ride. You can search for it in one spot: Racklove.
Racklove’s Stolen Bike Finder searches for your bike anywhere it might be posted online, including the stolen bike meccas of Craigslist and eBay. Just type in the brand and model of your bike and search away. You can even set up an email alert for your search.

But the site’s not just for the forlorn bike theft victims, searching desperately for their vintage lugged steel steed. It’s also for those looking for a safe spot to buy and sell bikes without the looming fear that the bike is stolen. Just type in your height and what kind of ride you want, and viola—a ton of local two-wheeled beauties for your picking.

Happy hunting, bike lovers.

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