New Year's Eve & Day Parking Tips


New Year's Eve (otherwise known as Saturday) may feel like a holiday as everyone will be in party mood, but remember, it is not a holiday.  It will be just like any other Saturday in the eyes of the parking police. The usual $250,000 worth of parking tickets will be issued, and 300 or more cars will be towed. Remember to take a breath, look up and down the street for 100 feet for any enforceable sign, and don't start off the New Year with a large non-tax-deductible donation to SFMTA.

What Will Not Be Enforced On New Year's Day:
Commuter Tow-Away

Residential Permit

M-F Daytime Street Sweeping

Parking Meters (Caution: Meters WILL BE ENFORCED at Meters on SF Port Property*)

What Will Be Enforced On New Year's Day:
Port of San Francisco Parking Meters are enforced 365 days a year**

Blue Curbs

White Curbs (Only during business hours)

Green Curbs

Yellow Curbs (Only if the sign says "On Sundays")

Night-Time 7 Day Street Sweeping (Such as on Market St.) ***
Other violations such as parking on the sidewalk, fire hydrants, driveways, etc.

*To see where Port of San Francisco Meters are, click here

**366 During Leap Year
***SFMTA gives conflicting info about this. They say that 7-Day Street Sweeping will not be enforced, and they also say that it will be enforced if it is at "night time, such as on Market Street".  What if it is at 12:01 am or between 2 am and 4 am, as when most "night-time" street sweeping happens? Is that "night-time"? It's technically morning.  Maybe they mean if it's dark? I think there is a lot of room for contesting this ticket if you know anybody who gets one.  SF parking enforcement is beginning to sound like T.e.g.w.a.r (the exciting game without any rules).  Happy New Year!
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