Courtesy of Gen Art

Part of my job—at times, the most maddening part—is attempting to hone in on talented peeps right before they make it big. And though trendspotting is a big component of my daily routine, I’ve noticed that everyone loves to be in on the next big thing. This post is dedicated to those who have an eye on tomorrow’s fashions and a commitment to disproving the myth that San Francisco has no fashion scene: GenArt’s annual Fresh Faces in Fashion event is your go-to destination for Bay Area designers who are bound to make it big. (Want proof? The gurus at GenArt have helped to launch the careers of fashion stars like Zac Posen, Rebecca Taylor and Julie Chaiken.) Their fashion show (August 22 at the Regency Center) features a diverse collection of promising local clothing designers including Amy Sarabi, distilled, Janezic, PODOLL and Sara Shepherd plus accessories designers like amytorello. bryna nicole and NolaBella Jewelry.  Be there, or find out about it later when your coworker strolls into work with a ridiculously stylish bag that makes you ill with envy (and later guilty, for being so easily swayed by material things).

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