No Age Brings the Noise to Noise Pop’s Last Day


It’s only appropriate that the Los Angeles duo No Age wrapped up Noise Pop ‘09 at Bottom of the Hill on Sunday afternoon with their noisy brand of Thurston Moore-inspired dissonant punk rock. The following are optional at a No Age show: wailing in tune, bass guitars, lead guitar solos, and tracks over three minutes. Guitarist Randy Randall, who looked disturbingly like Val Kilmer as John Holmes in the movie Wonderland, and drummer/vocalist Dean Spunt wasted no time in putting the noise back in Noisepop, jumping into “Teen Creeps” off Nouns, their Subpop debut album. Every time one of No Age’s songs veered toward pop melody, they made sure to interrupt it with a crunching power chord progression or a wave of distortion. But pop compromise is not what No Age is all about. How else can you explain the mosh pits and flying legs?

No Age’s set didn’t leave fans wanting more until later in the show when shortly after they played the crowd-pleasing single “Eraser,” Bob Mould appeared on stage, playing with the band on the final songs. It’s clear that No Age, a fixture of the LA punk scene, adheres to one of punk rock’s most sacred credos: respecting your elders.

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