Nob Hill's Number One Neighborhood Italian Bistro


Seven Hills has been praised by critics and food lovers alike; it’s been named as the best Italian restaurant in the Bay Area by Zagat, Michelin recommends it, and it’s an obvious favorite on Yelp and Trip Advisor.

You wouldn’t know any of that at first glance. It’s humble, intimate dining setting lends itself to engaging conversations with other guests over a glasses of wine sourced from Italy, Greece, Germany, France and (of course) California. You might even run into the local farmers that sourced the food for that day's menu, as they dine at Seven Hills often. Owner Alexis creates a delightful dining experience for all guests, including those dining solo. He never forgets a face and takes great pleasure in catching up and talking food. The tables are cozy, the atmosphere is warm, and the service is delightful. On top of all of that, the prices are approachable, making it the neighborhood hot spot that always seems to feel undiscovered.

Unlike most small spots that you return to primarily for the atmosphere, the food at Seven Hills is undeniably delicious. Chef Anthony Florain (AKA Tony) has worked at the likes of Quince, Cotogna, and Bar Bambino. His days are often 18 hours long so that he can select raw ingredients at 8:00am from the farmer’s market to transform into delicious meals by noon. Tony sources all of his olive oils from California and has even ensured that a wide variety of his foods can be made gluten free. His pasta is made daily and the menu changes so often that you’ll always find yourself discovering a new favorite regardless of how often you visit.

It’s not the fanciest restaurant in the neighborhood, it’s not the place to be seen, and it’s not where you go to try food you can’t pronounce. The service is warm, the prices are approachable, the food is spectacular, and you’re always guaranteed to leave smiling. That's our kind of restaurant.

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