As you leave the Castro Farmers Market each Wednesday with a reusable bag stuffed with the freshest seasonal produce (did everyone stock up on stone fruit this week?), you might have noticed a handmade kiosk about yay high reminiscent of Lucy Van Pelt.That, my friend, is the Noe So Cute sign (on Noe Street, between Beaver and 15th), up and running for the past two years. Its “wares” rotate weekly, dispensing clever advice for the low cost of 5 cents—or sometimes for free, like the recent quote commemorating Maya Angelou. Previously, the sign has sold invisibility for five minutes, sought a LEGO master builder, disparaged the lack of rain, or requested information about a pernicious Duboce Triangle plant thief.

The sign and messages are the work of the two parents who originally built the structure to help their toddler son, Wally, sell lemonade. Now, it’s an ongoing, charming fixture in an already charming neighborhood. And, with anything that exists these days, it has it’s own hashtag (#noesocute) that you can follow on the Twitters