“Did you like my mix CD?” Bradford Cox asked the sold-out crowd at the Atlas Sound show at the Great American Music Hall Friday night. He asked the question as if he’d just run into them in the locker-lined hallways of his high school. Cox proved once again that his knack for connecting with his misfit audience is as much the reason for the loyal following of Atlas Sound and Deerhunter (his other psychedelic band) as his unique brand of ambient art folk.

Sitting with an acoustic guitar and wearing a flop-eared knit cap and harmonica neck holder, Cox looked like Jon Heder dressed as Neil Young. Mixing crowd-pleasers like “Walkabout” and “Sheila” with new songs like “The Screams,” Atlas Sound charged through a 45-minute set that was sometimes acoustic guitar pop backed by the ethereal and electronic and sometimes the other way around. Either way, the fans were more than happy. “Perfect!” one enthusiastic fan screamed after “Attic Lights” as if she was Cox’s figure skating coach.

Perfect wasn’t good enough for Atlas Sound, however, as Cox came out for the encore and began taking requests. Another hour later, after playing several songs from Atlas Sound’s latest album “Logos” and a new Deerhunter song, those who stayed to the very end left sated and surely convinced that they had just made a new best friend.

The Screams
An Orchid
When Your Baby’s Gone
Attic Lights

Don’t Cry
Kid Klimax