Noise Pop: Thee Oh Sees


This week’s Noise Pop festival has proven that San Francisco is burgeoning with emerging musical talent and we feel pretty safe calling the locally based Thee Oh Sees one of the best underground indie pop bands in the Bay Area. Active on the scene since the late ‘90s, front man John Dwyer’s experimental home recordings morphed into a full-blown band over the course of seven albums and the group has found their calling in catchy garage band tunes for avid alt music followers.

Last night, the modest quartet said little, opting instead to let the music speak for itself. And that it did. Eager fans let loose mosh pit-style on the floor, contributing an uncontrollable energy and appeal to the show. We couldn’t help seeing a new wave B-52s in the band’s performance in a way that brought back all the good memories of ‘80s pop. Head bopping, hyper-speed guitar action, vocal distortion—all the group’s signature moves—played out seamlessly on stage. Blowing through what felt like a brief set, John excused himself from the stage, citing dry mouth as his reason for cutting the show short, but quickly returned with beer in hand to an audience begging for an encore. All in all, an effortless performance from a band we hope to see more of soon.

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