Noise Pop's Best Local Acts to Catch This Week


Noise Pop could only look as far as its own backyard to get exactly what it wants: Raucous bands willing to cut it up on stage, kick over equipment and dominate with equal doses of feedback and catchy hooks. A ton of shows are sold out, but there are still radical shows going down that you won't have to pay an arm and a leg for via Craigslist (Imperial Teen, Thao, John Vanderslice and Two Gallants, we're lookin' at you).

Young Prisms, Melted Toys, Tonight, 7 pm, Cafe Du Nord

On days like today–impossibly sunny and an "Is it summer already?" temperature–Young Prisms' hazy dreamtime music feels like an epiphany. The Bay Area band, no matter what you've read about their penchant for psychedelics, zeroes in on that elusive, glorious feeling between being asleep and awake, which isn't something a group of slackers could ever achieve. Crank up "Floating in Blue" to see why. SF-based openers Melted Toys are another band we love for their New Wave synths, squalls of reverb and coy melodies. Grab tickets and get ready for a ton of fog machine action.

Dirty Ghosts, Thursday, 8 pm, Brick & Mortar

It's always awesome to watch girls rep hard in the music scene, and currently, Dirty Ghosts' mastermind Allyson Baker is doing just that. She's unafraid to kick out the jams with her tough classic rock wail, saucy attitude and guitar riffs, and we can't wait to get our hands on the band's longtime-coming debut Metal Moon. Or better yet, see her shred onstage.

Maus Haus & Ex-Ray's, Friday, 8 pm, Public Works

If arty, homemade pop is more your steeze, check out these two bands. Maus Haus blends analog synths with 60s psychedelia and sleepy vocals sound like a slow-mo trip down the rabbit hole. You might know Ex-Ray's from a track on "The Social Network" soundtrack, but this lo-fi pop band refuses to be boxed in by that. Soft, glitchy beats, wavering synths and vocals that sound like they're coming from a partially broken payphone receiver is a style that naturally makes us want to know more, which is why we think this show is a must-see.

The Dodos, Sunday, 7 pm, Great American Music Hall

This local mainstay excels at straight-forward indie rock where drums and rhythm are front and center, so you're never at a loss for a toe-tapping beat. If you're unfamiliar with their solid musicianship, check out "Black Night" from their 2011 album No Color.

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