Nordstrom presented its annual Designer Preview event, which included a runway show that featured fall collections from top designers such as Alexander McQueen, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren.

Allison Koch                             Sam Cook, Lisa Delarroz      Alan Morrell, Connie Culberhouse

Chris Bently, John Hadded                             Allie Osbourne, Courtney Chatalas, Lindsay Rowland

Amber Marie Bently                       Kendall Robinson, Tim Gary, Ann Ferrell Millham, Claudia Ross

Claire & Maureen Herr               Geila Israel, Victoria Dade       Katherine & Christina Lucchese

Cynthia & Lacey Todd                Ashley Hanna, Kendra Meyer   Kendall Robinson, Claudia Ross

Megan Baldwin, Natalie Banker Melissa Barber, Carolyn Chang Kristin Liening, Amanda Giglaotti

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