Tired of the smiley-face emjoi? Or the ho-hum sadface one? Or, ugh, the poop one? (Speaking of, please stop sending me the poop emoji, friends. I am delicate toward displays of crude bodily functions.) Then check out ImojiApp. Created by San Francisco-based developer Tom Smith, it turns any face (or image) into a sticker. 

Either import an image into the app, do some light cropping and erasing, and you’ll have your own emoji that can be messaged using iPhone or iMessages. (Sadly, though, you cannot yet add it to your keyboard.) 

ImojiApp also comes with a slew of celebrity and cartoon stickers, too. Splendid. 

A perfect accompaniment to the Makeup Genius app by L'Oreal.

Download it now. And then watch this tutorial. And then check out 7x7 executive editor David Lytle's imoji: