NY Graf Artist, Justin Bua, Unveils Michael Jackson Tribute in Berkeley


Growing up as a b-boy during the birth of hip-hop on the Upper West Side of New York was certainly not easy for now world-renowned graf artist Justin Bua, and his artwork is the proof. His b-boy skills and involvement in the hip-hop community made him notable, but his graffiti art surely put him on the map. As a tribute to his upbringing, which was heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, Bua completed and unveiled his “most inspired piece to date” titled King of Pop reflecting the icon in his prime, complete with the signature shiny glove in a strikingly classic MJ pose. Packed to the absolute brim to the point where steam appeared to be rising out of the basement of Moe’s in Berkeley, the star-studded audience (including local fame Chuy Gomez, Broke-Ass Stuart, Richie Cunning, and DJ CJ Flash on the turntables among many others) watched on as Bua performed somewhat of a standup, reading the intro from the book and even sharing some sacred stories of his childhood. A line for a rare book signing from his new paperback release The Beat Of Urban Art spiraled inward and completely took over the entire store. It was a very impressive turnout for an even more impressive artist and we’re told the poster-version of King Of Pop will be available on his website very soon. We can hardly wait.

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