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Oakland's Top Sushi Spots, Ranked

The Best Sushi in Oakland

Photo via Geta 

Hankering for sushi across the Bay Bridge? We ranked Oakland's top six options so that you can stop fighting and just eat already. 

6. Kansai 

It might sound strange to recommend heading to a restaurant as late as possible, but that's the deal with Kansai, whose happy hour starts at 10 p.m. and ends at 2 a.m. The perfect stop after a late night, the sashimi is mediocre, but you can't go wrong with the cheap, tasty, massive rolls to soak up liquor like a champ. 4345 Telegraph Avenue (at 43rd Street)

5. Coach Sushi 

There's only one reason to head to Coach Sushi—the saké. For $3.50, you can get a bottomless bento box of saké, which explains why this place is always packed. The owner, "Coach," walks around the restaurant, refilling customers' boxes before they're drained empty by thirsty patrons. If you're a regular, you can even decorate your bento box and use the same one each time you visit. As far as food goes, try the unique maki rolls, especially the banana tempura one. And here's a coupon for 10% off, just 'cause. 532 Grand Ave. (at Euclid)

4. Kakui Sushi 

Tucked away into a part of Oakland where only locals venture, Kakui Sushi dishes up some pretty solid eats in a swanky atmosphere. The sushi is fresh and expertly plated, and don't miss the Brussels sprouts—not your average appetizer for a Japanese spot, but they're fried and delicious. For dessert, go for the orange sorbet, served in an actual orange! 2060 Mountain Ave. (at La Salle Ave.)

3. Mijori Japanese Restaurant 

If you're in the mood for meaty sashimi and not your average rolls, head to this Grand Lake spot—just expect to wait. The dishes at Mijori are moderatly priced and the fish is always fresh and thick. Try the Rock 'N' Roll, a spicy tuna concoction with an extra layer of spice that will scorch your mouth (in the best way possible) by the end. 3260 Grand Ave. (at Lake Park Ave.)

2. Ozumo 

Ozumo definitely isn't cheap, but the recently remodeled interior offers mood lighting and a bubinga bar, perfect for date night or a pre-concert drink on your way to the Fox. The menu is filled with unique rolls you won't find anywhere else—opt for the Gosho roll ($16), a salmon avocado roll topped with apple, marinated salmon, and langostine, and the Saishoni sake flight ($14) for a light, but delicious meal. Oh yeah, and the Kabocha Creme Brulee is bomb. 2251 Broadway (at Grand Ave.)

1. Geta 

I will fight anyone that tries to convince me that Geta isn't the best sushi in Oakland. I'll happily endure the guaranteed wait for a cramped table in the tiny restaurant, for the perfect combination of fresh, tasty ingredients and affordable prices. Nigiri and basic rolls (California, spicy tuna, etc.) are all under $4, and the Chef's Special Sashimi Combo is only $13. If you're trying to get there for dinner, heed my advice and get there early (like right when they open), or else opt for take-out or lunch instead. 165 41st Street (at Piedmont Ave.)