Put the Greek chorus in prison orange, make Oedipus a charismatic Chicano ex-con, throw the whole thing in the blender of MacArthur genius grant-winner Luis Alfaro's cunning brain and you get Oedipus El Rey, a gripping re-imagination of the classic myth. (Oedipus was the dude who killed his father and married his mother after a Seer warned his father that his new son would be his doom. So his father banished Oedipus, accidentally setting all events in motion. Whoops.)

With sly humor and images that will cling to the back of your eyelids long after the show is over, Oedipus El Rey inspects a young man's thirst for power and his disdain for the superstition rampant in his tight-knit community - even as it becomes clear that he can't outrun his fate. (And his fate is not pretty.) (Although the scene where he drops trou certainly is.) (Yes, I said it.) Featuring a local chorus and two New York actors in the lead roles, Oedipus El Rey is brutal and compelling proof that the gods will take their due.

If you're going to see any Greek tragedy, see this one.