Grilled okra with miso aioli

I’ve never liked okra, until now. It could be because the only okra I’ve ever really tried has been greased up and deep-fried—and fried food rarely appeals to me. So, the other day when I went to Namu and my friend insisted I try their grilled okra, I (very) grudgingly agreed.

If you haven’t heard of Namu yet, keep reading. It’s a sleek, modern Korean-Japanese fusion spot in the Inner Richmond that’s owned by three brothers. The food is clean and fresh—often organic and local. The Lee brothers use lots of family recipes and import Japanese sumi charcoal for the grill. And it was the sear from the special charcoal that might’ve been the clincher. The okra had a crunchy bite (inside and out) and the saikyo miso aioli that was drizzled on top added a sweetness and smooth texture.

If you go to Namu (and I recommend you do), here’s what to order: mushroom dumplings, spicy pork ribs, Kalbi-style skirt steak, miso black cod and, of course, the grilled okra.

439 Balboa St. (at 5th Ave.)