One is the Loneliest Number When it Comes to Weight Loss. Here’s Why.


It's already February. Have you shed all those holiday pounds? Especially this month, many believe life is sweeter when shared with someone special–we're talking about a sweetheart, a friend, or battle buddy. JumpstartMD, the largest Bay Area medical practice dedicated to weight management, helps thousands of men and women meet their weight loss goals, so they know pairs and couples on the program start out with an edge. What do pairs have that individuals don't? A built in support system, which is the key to fast and healthy weight loss that lasts.
It's been proven time and time again that those seeking weight loss, when paired up with a fellow workout buddy or a coach, lose an average of nine percent of their starting body weight. So if your boyfriend or girlfriend is game, grab him or her and get started on one of the specially tailored programs the experts at JumpstartMD offer. Not only will you have JumpstartMD on your side, you'll have the moral support of your new workout partner in crime.
Don't worry–lasting weight loss doesn't only work if you're coupled up. You can also reach your goals by joining forces with a friend or family member. And of course, signing up for a program with one-on-one support you'll both love is critical.

Let’s face it: The drive to succeed when in the presence of another is a powerful motivator. So this February, get together with a friend or loved one to improve your health and well-being–or jump in to encourage someone who’s trying to better theirs. You’ll both reap the rewards!
Spring is just around the corner–are you ready for fast and healthy weight loss that lasts? The folks at JumpstartMD are offering a special 7x7 JumpstartMD discount! To sign up, just click here.

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