Opening: Bin 38


Remember how rainy Friday night was? All I wanted to do was curl up with a cup of hot cocoa (like this one from Bittersweet) and have a Netflix night, but the Friends and Family opening party for Bin 38 was calling my name. I’m sure you’re thinking: As if SF needs another wine bar. But my motto is: The more, the merrier! Indeed, my spot in one of the nooks catching up with some friends over a Petit Syrah and Prosecco turned out to be the perfect escape from the bleak weather.

While the name Bin (referring to parcels of land where grapes are harvested) 38 (the latitude of SF) connotes wine, there’s a fine beer selection; and many items on the menu come not only with wine pairings, but beer ones, too.

The space (which used to be Mi Lindo Peru) is huge, with the bar in front, a small room off to the left, then a larger room with two alcoves—one with an L-shaped couch and one with tables—and the kicker, a huge back patio with picnic tables and chairs, and soon, a fire pit. There are tons of design details—for example, baby vine-pressed interior windows, cork walls, distressed wood floors and stunning gold-and-burgundy-flecked onyx-topped bar.

This is a bar that has a true Wine Country appeal. It feels like it could be on the square in Healdsburg instead of in the heart of the Marina. Go, check it out. It opens tomorrow.

Bin 38
3232 Scott St. (between Lombard and Chestnut)
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