Opera Ball 2007


The SF Opera Guild launched the 85th opera season with a black-tie opening ball co-chaired by Cheryl Baxter and Marybeth La Motte and held at City Hall. Mezzo-soprano Olga Borodina and tenor Clifton Forbis, with Patric Summers conducting, are starring in Camille Saint-Saëns's biblical epic, Samson and Delilah.

 Bob & Michelle Friend Andy Dunayczian_Diana Westnedge Cheryl Baxter_Marybeth La Motte
Bob & Michelle Friend      Andy Dunayczian, Diana Westnedge Cheryl Baxter, Marybeth La Motte

Deborah & Steven Rocha Claire Fluhr_Sobia Shaikh Chris Schumacher_Tracy Johnson
Claire Fluhr, Sobia Shaikh        Claire Fluhr, Sobia Shaikh      Chris Schumacher, Tracy Johnson  

Donald Runnicles_Adele Eslinger Karen Caldwell Isha Abdullah_Dolly Chammas
Donald Runnicles, Adele Eslinger        Karen Caldwell               Isha Abdullah, Dolly Chammas

Diane Wynne_John Ocker Dede Wilsey George & Charlotte Maillard Shultz
Diane Wynne, John Ocker                   Dede Wilsey                   George & Charlotte Maillard Shultz

Kirsten Martin_Megan McKeegan Kimberly Bini James Isaac_Robert Mailer Anderson
Kirsten Martin, Megan McKeegan         Kimberly Bini          James Isaac, Robert Mailer Anderson

Lyhn & Gunther Haller Mai Shiver_Jeff Morgan Max Nugus_Toni Wolfson
Lyhn & Dr. Gunther Haller           Mai Shiver, Jeff Morgan             Max Nugus, Toni Wolfson

Nadir & Sobia Shaikh Robert Shwarts_Joni Binder Tad Taube_Dianne Taube
Nadir & Sobia Shaikh                 Robert Shwarts, Joni Binder    Tad & Dianne Taube

Tara & Chris Maybach Teresa Medearis Vaughn Mulder_Maria Quiros
Tara & Chris Maybach                        Teresa Medearis             Vaughn Mulder, Maria Quiros

Johnson_Kemper_Gockley Sara Houghteling_Daniel Mason
Pitch Johnson, Linda Kemper, David Gockley            Sara Houghteling, Daniel Mason

Newsom_Siebel_Pelosi Phil Pemberton_Deepa Pakianathan
Gavin Newsom, Jennifer Siebel, Paul Pelosi            Phil Pemberton, Deepa Pakianathan

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