Defy gravity, literally. Rock climbing meets acrobatics meets dance in AscenDance Project's Beyond Gravity. Founded in 2006 by German-born performance artist and mountaineer Isabel von Rittberg, the AscenDance Project explores the aesthetics of rock climbing with dancers performing on a vertical stage. Their 2008 world premiere in SF's very own Union Square set the stage for many future performances to come. Using a 24-foot-long and 12-foot-high climbing wall, AscenDance artists move through three dimensions, using time and space as variables. Dancers prove their ability to overcome gravity—no ropes, no harnesses, just sheer strength.

This is one performance you and your rock-climbing boyfriend won't want to miss. But folks, don't try this at home … er, um Mission Cliffs.

Skeptical? Check out the dramatic preview below and see for yourself.

AscenDance Project's Beyond Gravity March 12-14 at Ashby Stage, 1901 Ashby Ave., 510-225-8844, $25.