Don’t be surprised if the latest designs from Bay Area letterpresses render you speechless.

Dear Hunter

The warm color scheme and silhouette graphics in Twig & Fig’s Flora and Fauna collection evoke a certain animal magnetism. $5 each;

True Blue

Anything written on this aqua-colored Blossom Card from Carrot & Stick—printed on ecru for added warmth—will surely bloom in the eyes of the reader. $16/set of 8;

Haute Press

You’re a fashion plate right down to your stationery—Cat Seto’s fabulous, hand-drawn Fashion Illustration Occasional Cards, of course. $6 each;

Heart Smart

For times when those three simple words just won’t come out, Eieio has created the Love Beyond Your Means boxed set. Included are 15 cards that say just the right thing. $24.00/set;

Let’s Get Digital

Yellow Owl’s LCD card is printed on 100 percent recycled paper and comes with an alphabet reference guide so the recipient won’t get an error message. $5 each;

Doubly Dutch

Here’s hoping that Dutch Door Press’s folksy Mother’s Day card, which features a charmingly symmetrical design, has a balancing effect on the frazzled mom. $4 each;

Flower Power

Reducing your carbon footprint is the best excuse we can think of to say thanks on the Blossoms note card from Good on Paper Design. Since it’s printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based inks, you’ll appear refined and socially responsible. $4.75 each;