photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

Award-winning industrial designer Rick Lee and his fashion designer wife Colleen Quen premiered their design and fashion collaboration, Ouroboros, last Thursday. In celebration with Dwell magazine, this also marks the launch of Atelier LeeQuen. According to the press release, "embracing old-world craftsmanship with rapid technology, Ouroboros is an organic interpretation of complimentary concepts. Flowing seamlessly into a perfect meditation of never-ending creation, it draws inspiration from the delicate relationships between animals, plants, and the natural environment." The installation runs until April 19, by appointment only; call 415-551-0013 for more information.

Colleen Quen, Rick Lee                                                                    Lauren Slater, Justin Sternberg

Models in Atelier LeeQuen couture

Raha Herhsey, Theresa Rodriguez Williamson                 Antonius Bintcho, Hannah Sitzer

Erica Gessin, Jeff MacDonald         Dana Castro, Roman Arzchintar  Jasmine Fiandaca, Jennifer Arrouzet

Sasha Zveredak, William Soriano, Natasha Krichevskaya                Leslie Avelow, River Donovan

Colleen Quen, Sarah Berger, Matt Gonzalez             Fariba Rezvani, Yetunde Schuhmann, Marie Carr

Ouroboros art installation

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