Well, this is strange. After four years and hundreds of blog posts, it's with a mixture of sadness and relief that I write my last. Today is my final day at 7x7, and come Monday I'll be beginning a new post as the editor of Tasting Table's San Francisco edition.

I've been so fortunate to do such interesting work over the last four years. I've talked to a chef about his obsession with pho. I got to join my colleague Sara Deseran in a rigorous testing of the city's burgers, in our quest for the best. We teamed up again to bring you, year after year, the Big Eat, a list of the dishes you couldn't miss. I had the opportunity to watch a restaurant from a French Laundry alum come to life. I gave you a whole guide to the city's best, cheap grub, from stuffed Turkish breads to Salvadoran pupusas.

Wait, this job is awesome. Why am I leaving again?

It has been a great pleasure to talk to you about good food. May your plates always be full!