Over the Velvet Rope

"Here's to gulping from the golden goblet of life that is our San Francisco adventure."

Hello, fancy meeting you here!

Well, here we are in blog-land. I hope we will meet often, maybe stay long enough for a cup of tea or a cocktail and a bit of a giggle.
So Who Am I?
I am still working that out, but here are a few of the hard facts. My life journey began in London in 1969. The son of Irish parents, I kissed the blarney stone at an early age so I consider myself an Irish-Englishman—how conflicting is that?

Since 1987 I've made a living talking behind a mic and in front of the TV camera. The Bay Area has been home since 1993. Is there a better place to live on the planet? Tell me where, and I'll consider a move!

During visits here, you may find me name-dropping a little ... just a little. Entertainment and socializing are my bag, baby!

That said, I've worn out red carpets from LA to London, hobnobbed at The Oscars and The Grammys, and rubbed shoulders with wrinkled rockers and royalty.

I have sung with Sting, partied with Blur, got star-struck around Morrissey and David Bowie, and had a contact high from Willie Nelson.

on stage with Sting, 1999

Double dose of Willie Nelson, 2002

with David Bowie, 1999

with Damon from Blur

First rock-star interaction: Morrissey, 1983

Hanging tough with Chuck D from Public Enemy, 2000

By day, I am a host and producer for CBS5 TV's Eye on The Bay, showing off the people and places that make the Bay Area unique. The show airs nightly at 7 pm. Oooh, did I mention I just won my first EMMY? Sorry, had to.

By night, my social antenna is erected: I sniff out the best parties, happenings or openings.
Put your party pants on. Let's hit the the streets of our mad, fab city and hop over the velvet rope together.
Hey, this is our first date together. Stay a little longer next time!
Liam's Hot Links
Smoking sausages, have a look at my list of my favorite websites (listed under my bio in the lefthand column). These are sites that keep me informed about the things I love most: the Bay Area, Britain, current affairs, food, music, radio and wine.
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