Ozomatli Loves El Farolito Burritos. (And is excited for Slow Food Rocks)


Ozomatli, the nine person funk/rock/jazz/hip-hop/Spanish/English band from Los Angeles is headed north to play Slow Food Rocks this Saturday. Get excited to kick off the shoes and enjoy a wild performance on Fort Mason's Great Meadow - cause we’ll say one thing, this band makes you want to dance. We caught Ozomatli’s Raúl “El Bully” Pacheco on his cell, windows down, cruising in his freshly-purchased 1968 Mercedes Sedan up 101. Here’s what he had to say about Slow Food, SF burritos and his band’s dedication to social issues:

But first, in case you’re wondering:
O•zo•mat•li (n.) classical Nahuatl origin. Aztec word for monkey, god of dance and music


Ozomatli has been very dedicated to social issues. What activist efforts do you take part in?
We support a lot of the causes we believe in—anything from reintegrating ex-cons into the workforce to environmental programs. It’s cool because all nine of us are involved and interested in so many things and we’re able to support many different causes.

You’ve toured the world as US cultural ambassadors to spread a message of peace and understanding through diversity in music. How have you been received overseas with all the tension?
There’s never really any tension. We’re touring these countries to bring music to the people. Problems lie mostly in the governments—we just stay away from that. We’re not there under any political agenda. We’re just a few people from L.A. who like getting together for music. I think people all over the world can relate to that.

What excites you about Slow Food Rocks?
I’m just into the idea of slow food period. I’m interested in learning about the key players involved in the movement. I want to know who’s doing it in L.A.

Eating healthy on the road must be difficult. What do you usually eat on tour?
It’s really hard. You just have to learn to be creative. One thing’s for sure, eating only at the trucker stops will kill you.

Your roots are in SoCal—home of the “best” Mexican food in the US. Do any SF burrito joints live up to your expectations?
I like SF burritos—they’re definitely cleaner. Two words—El Farolito.  (Hmmm… sounds familiar)

You guys are known to jump into the crowd after shows. Can we expect this at Fort Mason?
Probably. It’s one of our signatures.

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