photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

The American Red Cross Bay Area hosted the Paint the Town Red Gala, an annual "red tie" event benefiting local disaster preparedness and emergency response efforts, at The Westin St. Francis.

Caleb Jay, Kelly Endraske      Leroy Palmer, Susan Lee  Sarah Krohn, Arielle Feinberg, Ambika Panday

Michael and Corinne Fleres          Garrett Gaudini, Bo Arlander           Susan Atherton, James Dudley

Dana Adams, Todd Dean      Christina Meldrum, Douglas Dexter  Katrina Veerman, Kelly Murphy

Wiebke Struck, Paul Thrasher        Alicia and Barbara Nestal   Kelly Murphy, Fiona Uden, Elizabeth Doyle

Garrett Gaudini, Charlotte Payton, Kiran Gowda

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