One of the old-school lunch spots in the Financial District, Palio D'Asti, is offering up one of the biggest incentives we can think of to come back to work drunk. For the entire month of April, in the spirit of tax relief, the Italian restaurant serves $1 martinis (Stoli or Beefeater) at lunch only—as long as you order lunch (which is a good thing, because God knows you need something to soak up the booze).

Palio bartender Ruben Valenzuela is standing by.

Apparently most people behave themselves, although one table of five women once ordered five martinis each (had to be ugly). Juli Gregg, the G.M. and wine director, also functions as the martini director starting April 1. There's no limit to what you can order, she says, "unless you're falling down." But according to her, it's the staff's job to make sure you don't celebrate tax month too much.