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Most people living in San Francisco are from some place else. They may move here for different reasons, but one thing remains constant: No matter where you come from, your parents will eventually make the trip out to visit you.

So this means we all have to make the proper modifications to our pads for that inevitable visit by the parental units including, but not limited to, hiding the X-rated paraphernalia, tossing that forgotten pair of undies (that aren’t yours) into the hamper, or throwing open the windows to clear the air of certain odors (not that I’ve had to do any of these things, mind you). I’ve even heard stories of people kicking out their secret live-ins when their parents come to town.

courtesy of Good Vibrations

Well, I talk to people about sex every day, so naturally folks ask me what my parents think about what I do. And even though I don’t really talk about myself too often, with a show like Sex with Emily, I always have a little explaining to do.

The truth is my mom is super cool. She just left town, and while I did tidy up prior to her arrival (though most of the sex toys in my place are samples, honestly!) I’ve been lucky enough (or unlucky maybe?) to have the mixed experience of learning a bit about my mom’s sexual tendencies.

She even came on my live show during her last visit. I’m usually pretty unshockable, but when your mom tells you that she … well … let’s just say you’re going to have to watch and listen to find out.


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