Parking Quiz Answer: How to Decode Confusing Colored Curbs


Just before lunch, David LaBua of Finding the Sweet Spot fame quizzed you on how many of those darn colored curbs (that usually mean a ticket or two) there are in this city. Find out here how to decode them & outsmart the DPT once and for all.

How many restrictive curbs are there in SF? Put these curbs in order from most to least.

A) Green Zones
B) Blue Zones
C) White Zones
D) Yellow Zones
E) Taxi Zones

Answer: D, C, B, A, E

1) 3992 Yellow Zones

2) 1614 White Zones

3) 556 Blue Zones

4) 367 Green Zones

5) 58 Taxi Zones

Let’s take a look at our winner shall we…

YELLOW ZONES, which are Truck Loading Zones

Says David: There were 48,888 yellow zone violations handed out last year. These zones were created for delivery vehicles to load and unload their goods. The times that any particular loading zone is in effect is written on the curb, meter, and/or nearby sign. If you’ve ever had a delivery job, or have been stuck in traffic because a truck is double parked on a busy street, then you probably understand the importance of yellow curbs.  It’s really very simple…but made unnecessarily difficult by DPT. The simple part is that you just need to read the words painted on the curb, or on the sign below the meter.  However, SFMTA has placed most of these signs at an angle that makes it nearly impossible to read from your car.

Okay, that’s how not to get a ticket. Here’s how you can use the rules and laws to your advantage. Most people are just cruising by empty yellow zone parking spots, assuming that they are in effect until 6 p.m. Usually, these zones are in effect from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. However, there are times and places where yellow zones become golden zones. On some streets, such as Steuart, the loading zone meters are only in effect until 11 a.m. when they become available for general parking. It’s amazing to watch people cruising right past them and opting to pay $12 for valet parking or $15 for a garage instead. I think it’s because of the assumption that loading zones are only from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Just another little way where you can use inside info to your advantage.

For more insider info, and to find other parking spots and secrets, click here.

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