Parking Quiz Answer: SF Makes How Much On Parking Every Minute?


Just before lunch, we asked you to ponder the riches this city rakes in every moment of the day off of parking. Get ready to feel bad about your yearly wages, because the answer is about to be revealed. . .

How much money does the city of SF make from parking fines per minute?

B) 60¢
C) $6
D) $60
E) $600

Answer E) $600 per minute

And you'd better either contest, or pay that ticket fast, because in a 2010 San Francisco legislative analyst report, it was stated that among cities where parking ticket penalties were able to be determined, San Francisco charged the highest total penalties. Procrastination will cost you dearly, my friend.  A $65 meter violation ticket in SF can quickly turn into $155 with the two late fees and a collection agency fee added onto it.

If you have a few unpaid parking tickets, your car will be booted.  You then have 72 hours to pay the $272 boot removal fee plus the parking ticket fines, plus the late fines (for example, it would cost you precisely $1047 if you have 5 late expired meter tickets). If you still don’t deal with it, then after 72 hours your vehicle will be towed. Towing will cost you $199.25 for the tow, plus a $186.50 SF administrative fee, plus $51.25 after the first 4 hours, plus $59.75 per day until you pick it up. If your car was towed and stored for one day, your grand total would come to $1543.75. DPT gives out about 2 million tickets a year, and Autoreturn tows about 90,000 cars per year, so the numbers start to add up very quickly…. $600 per minute to be precise.

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