During lunch, we decided to keep it short and sweet on this gorgeous (but freezing!) Friday by asking you: What is the steepest street that most defies gravity in SF?

I)       Tied for 1st Filbert from Leavenworth to Hyde (31.5% grade)
H)     Tied for 1st 22nd St. from Church to Vicksburg (31.5% grade)
G)     Jones from Union to Filbert (29%)
F)      Duboce from Buena Vista to Alpine (27.9%)
E)      Jones from Green to Union (26%)
D)      Webster from Vallejo to Broadway 26%)
C)      Duboce from Alpine to Divisadero (25%)
B)      Jones from Pine to California (24.8%)
A)      Fillmore from Vallejo to Broadway (24%)
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