Parking Quiz Answer: Who Gets The Most Parking Tickets in San Francisco Per Year?


A few hours ago, parking guy (and rabid Giants fan) David La Bua, author of Finding the Sweet Spot, concocted a parking quiz to cheer you up on this gloomy Friday-- asking who gets the most parking tickets in the city per year. Think you have a lot of tickets to pay? The answer will make you feel a lot better about yourself!

Who receives the most parking tickets per year in San Francisco?

A) You 

B) People with a Dodgers sticker on their bumper


D) Comcast

E) Fed Ex

The Answer is C) UPS

Who are the Biggest Parking Violators?

The top five are:
5) Comcast                   1067 Tickets - $51,230 in fines
4) McMillan Electric     1497 Tickets - $74,375 in fines
3) Airborne Express     2581 Tickets - $140,845 in fines
2) Fed Ex                       7711 Tickets - $434,046 in fines
1) UPS                           11,788 Tickets - $673,334 in fines

UPS receives an average of one ticket every 15 minutes during business hours throughout the year, mostly for meter violations and double parking, giving the company the unenviable distinction of being the city's No. 1 parking violator. Yikes! Eighteen companies have bulk corporate accounts with the city to pay parking tickets. 

They receive a special rate, but for that rate, they cannot contest the tickets, and must pay their bill monthly. If that sounds like a good deal and has you thinking about applying for the program, in order to qualify you have to have 20 vehicles on the SF streets, and have a serious history of citations with the City.

To see a running total of San Francisco parking citation revenue, click here 

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