Parking Quiz Answers: How To Get Your Towed Car Back


Just before lunch, our parking guru David LaBua, author of Finding the Sweet Spot, asked just how hard it is to get your car back once it's been towed, because, let's face it--it is. He also made a cool flowchart to help you through the confusion and panic that immediately results after realizing your car is gone. Check out the quiz answer and flowchart below!

How Many Steps Does it Take to Recover Your Vehicle if it is Towed?

A) 1
B) 3
C) 33 1/3
E) All of the above and possibly none of the above

The answer is E)
All of the above and possibly none of the above could be true depending on your situation.

Says David: Getting towed has been a San Francisco rite of passage since Levi Strauss and Domingo Ghirardelli both had their wagons towed for double parking and blocking a lane of Mission St. in 1873.  It is traumatizing, shocking, and nothing less than surreal.  So, to ease the shock of it all, and perhaps to see some humor in the absurdity of it all, I have made a handy flowchart to help guide you through this horrific experience. 

I recommend printing it, and keeping it in your wallet, to help guide you if that fateful day is ever to occur. Enjoy it, and good luck parking!

To see the “Where is My Car?” handy flowchart in more detail, click here (or click on the image above).
For more parking facts, strategies, tips and tricks click here.

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