A few hours ago, in honor of us crazed Giants fans everywhere, our parking guru David La Bua, author of Finding the Sweet Spot, cooked up a different kind of true-or-false questionnaire asking Which Is More? between the beloved SF Giants and the much-loathed SF Parking world. What did you guys guess? Here are the answers!

The Number of SF Giants Managers and Coaches: 7
    The Number of SF Parking Control Supervisors and Managers: 30

2. SF Annual Parking Ticket Revenue: $100 Million
    2010 SF Giants PayRoll: $90 Million

3. One Ticket for a Giants Regular Season Premium Lower Box Seat: $35
   One Parking Ticket for a Meter Violation in Downtown SF: $65

Average Number of Runs Allowed per Game by 2010 Giants Pitchers: 3
    Average Number of Annual Parking Tickets per SF Driver: 4

5. Distance from AT&T Park to Napa: 46 Miles 
    Distance that Barry Bonds’ 762 HR Balls Have Traveled: 51 Miles

6. Number of Parking Tickets Issued in SF per Year: 2 Million
    Number of 2010 SF Giants Tickets Purchased: 3 Million

Photo via Steve Rhodes on Flickr.com