In the spirit of Giants season (and our never-ending love-hate relationship with SFMTA), here's a parking quiz for you on this gorgeous Friday. Between A and B, which is applies to the SFMTA or the SF Giants? We'll have the answers for you after lunch!

A) Giants attendance last year
B) Number of parking tickets given out in SF last year
A) The cost for 2 left field club seats to see the Giants
B) Cost of one meter violation ticket in downtown SF
A) Bobby Thompson's Shot heard 'round the world
B) The year the first meter was installed in SF

A) The year the first traffic signal was installed in SF
B) The year the Giants first played a game at Candlestick Park
A) Average cost of a parking ticket in SF
B) Number of Hall of Famers who played for the Giants
A) Number of parking meters in SF
B)  Viewer capacity at the Giants' ballpark?
A) Number of bags of peanuts sold at a Giants game
B) Current number of users of VoicePark
A) The number of parking control officer dispatchers
B) The number of Giants players on the roster
A) Average number of parking tickets per registered driver in SF last year
B) Average number of earned runs given up per game by Giants pitchers last year
51 miles
A) The total distance that Barry Bonds' 762 homerun balls have traveled
B) Total length of cable that pulls SF cable cars

Check out the answers here!
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