Parking Quiz: What's The Steepest Street in SF?


I've been working on a new parking app that will hopefully blow some minds and is definitely going to make parking in SF easier than anyone can imagine.  So, in order to keep working on it so I can unveil it soon, I am going to keep it short and sweet and have a little fun this week. How about a good old fashioned parking quiz? Five people taking a stab at answering this week's quiz will get a free version of the parking app when it is available.
We've recently discussed the 3% grade law (and how to successfully fight it) requiring drivers to curb their wheels if the street is at a 3% grade or more.  So, in keeping with that theme, this week's quiz is:
What is the steepest street in San Francisco?
A)        Fillmore from Vallejo to Broadway
B)        Jones from Pine to California
C)        Duboce from Alpine to Divisadero
D)        Webster from Vallejo to Broadway
E)        Jones from Green to Union
F)         Duboce from Buena Vista to Alpine
G)        Jones from Union to Filbert
H)        22nd St. from Church to Vicksburg
I)          Filbert from Leavenworth to Hyde

Bonus points if you put them in order. Wagering with co-workers is encouraged! Tell us your answer in the comments below. Check out the answer here.

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