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For anyone who didn't know, it's Sarah's 10th anniversary on Alice Radio today. Apparently, John Lasseter from Pixar is going to call into the show and Mayor Newsom is planning to swing by and join in as we all thank Sarah (there she is above with No Name) for her 10 years of sweat and commitment to Alice. Imagine that people—that's 10 years straight of getting up at 3:30 a.m. every freaking day! On a similar note, a special "F– you" goes out to all the self-serving, belly-crawling upper management snakes here at the station who've made Sarah's contract negotiations a living hell! Come get some beattches—you don't wanna mess with the Persian Prince; he'll put the smack-down on y'all! BTW, to add to the excitement, No Name's getting a vasectomy in March. More details to follow on that one!