Two rival gangs sit down for a dinner party in Arrivederci Roma, Morgan Ludlow’s furiously dreamlike world premiere for Stage Werx, stuffed wtih ultimatums and revelations and Italian-Jewish home cooking. A psychedelic blend of The Godfather and Trannyshack, it’s a bloodthirsty comedy with unexpected guests, plot twists, and breaking bread with the enemy. 

But it’s not all pasta and vengeance. Members of this motley crime family discuss everything from the proper disposal of a dead body to the proper placement of a dinner fork, all while wrestling with who they are and who they want to be. If your parents want you to be one thing and you become something entirely different - and how does your family emerge intact?Especially when that family has a penchant for attaching cement shoes to people who don’t behave as promised and tossing them in the nearest body of water.

Through October 29. Stage Werx, 533 Sutter Street. Tickets are $24 at