Peekadoodle Kidsclub opened its doors at Ghirardelli Square with a party in its 10,000-square-foot digs, which includes a multi-themed playground and four classrooms. The first of its kind in the Bay Area, Peekadoodle will provide a full suite of services to children up to five years of age.

Maria Cornett_Isaiah Cornett Lani Hessen_Jenny Thomas Erin Chun_Brady Chun_Andrew Chun
Maria & Isaiah Cornett                 Lani Hessen, Jenny Thomas       Erin, Brady & Andrew Chun

Ellen_Kristen_Dashiell_Nish Peekadoodle
Ellen Park, Kristen, Dashiell & Nish Nadaraja

James Park_James Choe_Sean Lee Jennifer Cerchiai_Kelly Campisi
James Park, James Choe, Sean Lee                                               Jennifer Cerchiai, Kelly Campisi

S.Callan_G.Callan_H.Newsom Callan_L.Corder Ellen Park_Kayla Lee
Siena, Geoff & Hilary Newsom Callan, Lonna Corder            Ellen Park, Kayla Lee (co-founders)

Kayla Lee_James Choe_James Park_Esther Lee Peekadoodle
Kayla L., James C., James P., Esther Lee

Marlene Saritzky_Tom Corwin_Ellen Park Richard Walkling_Christina McGuinness
Marlene Saritzky, Tom Corwin, Ellen P.                            Richard Walkling, Christina McGuinness

Tawnya Falkner_Kayla Lee_Sean Lee_Charles Solla
Tawnya Falkner, Kayla & Sean Lee, Charles Solla